Buzzworthy New Tech for Seniors in 2021

January 4, 2021

Each year, thousands of tech designers, execs, buyers and industry analysts descend upon Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—something of a World’s Fair for new technology and gadgets. The show’s much-anticipated Innovation Awards often showcase newly launched products that can change the lives of seniors, offering buzzworthy new tech for seniors and exciting new ways to stay socially active, support activities of daily living (ADLs), and create safe living environments for seniors

While seniors aren’t your typical early adopters of innovation, these research- and design-driven products might be just the intervention to spark a positive change. This year, although it will be the first all-remote event in CES’s history, 2021 Innovation Award Honorees will be no exception. Aging-in-place technology trends seen in this year’s awards include at-home sensing and monitoring and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve activities of daily living (ADLs). Here are a few of the most promising new innovations that will empower seniors to live vibrantly in their own homes for longer.

Buzzworthy New Tech for Seniors in 2021

The OrCam Read digital reader

What it is: For the avid reader with mild to moderate vision loss, the OrCam Read empowers people who have reading challenges with seamless audio text playback.

How it’s different: Lower tech versions of this technology are available on Amazon at a much lower price point, but the OrCam Read can read text aloud from any printed surface (newspapers, books, product labels) or digital screen (computers, smartphones) – in real time.

Where to get it: The device retails for about $1,700 from OrCam Technologies.


CarePredict TouchPoint – the Tempo’s new companion app

What it is: This remote activity monitoring app works with the Tempo, a wearable designed specifically for seniors.

How it’s different: The app tracks subtle changes in daily activity patterns and alerts on concerns such as missed meals, restless sleep, increased fall risk, or increased sedentary behaviors, allowing for early intervention and preventive care.

Where to get it: The whole kit can be purchased at The Tempo retails for $449.99 and the app subscription pricing options range from $70/month for a single user to $1,000/year for a couple living at the same location.

PFMIpro tech

The Livio Edge AI Hearing Aid making communicating with masks less awful

What it is: This hearing aid is packed with useful features that won a nod from Time’s TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019, a such as a fall detection and alert sent to contacts that you’ve pre-selected. The award recognizes the device’s latest feature to help those with hearing loss better connect and communicate in a masked world.

How it’s different: While the hearing aid is nothing new, the new Edge AI feature lets users double tap the device to enter “Edge Mode,” enhancing speech audibility and clarity that goes out the window with face masks, social distancing and background noises.

Where to get it: The device requires a prescription through authorized hearing care professionals (find one here). The leading-edge technology comes with a high price tag in the thousands, and a variety of technology levels and customization options affect the price point.


Buzzworthy Tech for Seniors

The Vayyar Home fall detector that doesn’t require a wearable device

What it is: A wall-mounted scanner that provides 24/7 monitoring and instant emergency alerts.

How it’s different: The device works without cameras, wearables, buttons or cords. Vayyar Home can also prevent falls through advanced analytics. Powerful 4D imaging sees through most bedroom and living room furniture.

Where to get it: Vayyar Home is sold through various distributors in the U.S. Visit to request a demo or contact or 1-800 834-1590 to learn more.

Buzzworthy Tech for Seniors

The free Typewise Keyboard app that reduces typos

What it is: This new app loads a re-deigned keyboard that reduces frustrating typos and safeguards privacy on smartphones.

How it’s different: Typewise’s honeycomb layout is designed for two-thumb typing, with 70% larger keys that are easy to hit. Mastering it can take some time, though, according to user reviews.

Where to get it: The app is available for iOS and Android through the App Store or Google Play. It’s free, but premium features like typing in multiple languages without switching and vibration feedback while typing are available for a fee.

You can check out all of the CES Innovation Award Honorees here.

Buzzworthy Tech for Seniors


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