Eight Ideas to Step, Swim, and Shimmy into Summer

June 1, 2021

Eight Ideas to Step, Swim, and Shimmy into Summer

Could there be a light flickering at the end of the tunnel? Summer is upon us, and safety guidelines are loosening for fully vaccinated people. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and work out the kinks from a long, often lonely year.

Older adults are beaming with excitement to get back to their favorite outdoor activities. Here are eight ideas to reignite a love for physical activity while enjoying camaraderie and health benefits like better sleep and moods.

#1 Right-Size Your Exercise Goals

First things first. Older adults should talk with their care teams about new exercise ideas. Tell them what you have in mind – they may know of free or low-cost programs right in your community that fit your needs and goals.

#2 Sign Up with SilverSneakers

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults ages 65 and over, and it’s included in many Medicare Plans at no additional cost. The program features free gym memberships, FLEX classes held in community parks and rec centers, and supportive instructors trained in senior fitness. Check eligibility here.

#3 Bring in the Pros with a Personal Trainer

Personal training isn’t just for the Crossfit and body building community. In fact, a professional trainer can help older adults develop the right mix of aerobics, strength training, and balance exercises, customized to any ability level. Check out the matching website Trainerize.me to find professional trainers in your community, and be sure to ask past experience working with older adults. 

#4 Just Keep Swimming

Hitting the pool is a great way to strengthen muscles and boost cardiovascular fitness, especially for older adults coping with fragile bones and joints. Just starting out? Water aerobics classes are a fun way to ease into swimming and meet instructors who can help you become more comfortable in the water. 

#5 Dig In with Gardening

What better way to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine than to get outside, dig in the dirt, and nurture plants and flowers? Gardening can also provide opportunities for social engagement and learning. Hop online or ask around about workshops and classes offered by local conservation organizations or nurseries.

#6 Dance to the Music

One of the oldest forms of expression and physical exercise, dance is becoming a go-to activity for seniors to stay active and connected to others. There is something for everyone, like free outdoor pop-up events, group “dance cardio” classes designed specifically for older adults, and even competitive clogging groups.

 #7 Get Centered with Outdoor Yoga or Tai Chi

If you haven’t tried yoga or tai chi, now is the time to lose your inhibitions and give it a go. The calming and low-intensity workouts can increase sense of stability and boost concentration. Find an outdoor class to round out the experience with nature’s beauty and calm.

 #8 Walk it Out

Walking is a wonderful, free warm weather workout. Too hot to be outside for more than a few minutes? Embrace the art of the mall walk from the air-conditioned comfort of the local shopping center. Now that indoor masking guidelines have loosened for fully vaccinated people, grab some friends and try a few laps before hitting the food court for a coffee or snack.



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