3 Facts About PFMIpro

PFMIpro was developed by Service Providers

JFCS Pittsburgh developed and used the original PFMI in-house for a decade, understood the need for better client assessments and took steps to create a more user-friendly solution. A forward-thinking team of psychologists, social workers and researchers worked with Pittsburgh-based developers to build PFMlpro as the first affordable, research-based senior assessment tool available on the market.

Over 9,000 Seniors assessed with PFMIpro

AgeWell Pittsburgh has now been using PFMlpro for more than two years and has screened over 9,000 seniors. Each of the AgeWell Pittsburgh services from the three partner agencies (19 services in total) either use a subset of the PFMI or the entire instrument to track changes in client functioning and as an outcome measure.

20 Research-based Protective Factors

PFMIpro measures 20 protective factors that have been shown by research to be highly correlated with the loss of independence. The factors include but not limited to cognitive intactness, ADL/IADL factors, socialization and financial stability to mention a few.