Every helping professional tries to get information from the clients in order to provide the services that the clients need.

But general questions receive general answers. “How are you feeling?” and “anything change lately?” are more likely to elicit an answer of “fine thanks” or “not much” than an answer with actual information. And those answers don’t help us determine what we need to know. 

The PFMIpro helps in just this way! The questions on the PFMIpro assessment are directed at the most pressing and regular needs of older adults. By asking specific questions of the client, the professional can get the information needed. 

So while you can ask 90 year old Sylvia, “how is your appetite?”, you may get a shrug and an “ok”  from her. But if you ask Sylvia if she’s been eating fewer than 2 meals a day, she’ll let you know that she has only been eating dinner every day, skipping breakfast and lunch. 

Now you have something to work with and you can address:

  • Why is Sylvia not eating much? 
  • How is her appetite? 
  • Is she not hungry because she is depressed? 
  • Or is she skipping meals because she cannot afford many groceries and her medications.

One specific question on a factor relating to daily life can lead to intervention after intervention for the clients that you serve.

  • Maybe Sylvia needs a psychiatric consult or a therapist? 
  • Or maybe she needs to be signed up for SNAP or the local food pantry. 
  • Or maybe she needs to be enrolled in medication discount program or have her medication changed to one that has the same effect but costs less. 

So many answers and ways to help, all due to one question. 

Can you imagine how many more interventions can benefit Sylvia when you ask ALL the questions on the PFMIpro?